MTV: We’re Calling It Now: The Next Big Filmmaker Is Coming From This Festival

If you think the trailer’s stressful, prepare yourself for the ever-building slow burn that is “Jackdaw,” which focuses on Shane (Gary Smith), a man grappling with single fatherhood in the aftermath of his wife’s mysterious disappearance. “’No Country for Old Men’ was my main inspiration,” says Champagne.

And it shows – as does Champagne’s less overt influence from the first season of
True Detective.” Bluesy tunes, bayou vistas and dark plot lines abound. “I’m not going to say ’True Detective’ isn’t definitely an inspiration of mine, because I’ve seen that first season three times and I definitely think about it a lot when I write,” says Champagne, of the comparisons his film has garnered. “To even be remotely considered in that realm of TV brilliance is a win.”

Prize-goers have come to expect memorable performances out of Champagne’s films – “Jackdaw” includes a creepy turn by Ryan Broussard as the main suspect in the unsolved case, along with an impressively imposing showing as chief investigator from Tishuan Scott, and Champagne’s 2014 Prize entry “The Out and Out’s” starred aforementioned “Mean Girls” actor Bennett, who – coincidentally – was first recommended to Champagne by Gretchen Wieners herself, Lacey Chabert. If you’re down with moody, immersive filmmaking, you’ll want to keep an eye on Champagne.

Author: katie calautti